Our aluminium and polycarbonate canopies adapt easily to many different architectural contexts. The wide range of models is customizable in size and colours, designed and tailored to adorn and protect your houses against atmospheric agents. Technical details, quality of involved materials and TÜV SUD certification guarantee resistance to snowload and wind force. Live you outdoor spaces with style, comfort and in total safety.



Canopy with modern lines and fine attention to details. Despite its simple frame, the structure is very resistant. It suits both in traditional living contexts and in industrial environments thanks to its projection up to 250 cm.


Canopy designed to cover large outdoor spaces such as loading/unloading areas. It is fixed with stainless steel tie rods, which allow structures even with wide projections.


Canopy suitable in rustic or classic contexts thanks to the inclusion of refined curls. The curved shape of the canopy protects doors and windows from atmospheric agents and can fit in every detail of the building.


Aluminium canopy with clean lines, adorned with perforated brackets. It is ideal to add value to buildings with minimal and modern design. Its strength is the space it occupies: 20 cm are enough to fix it. This system solves every installation problem, even in case of limited space.


Almost flat aluminium canopy with graceful perforated brackets. It is ideal to add value to modern design context and to improve its usability.


Canopy with marked lines that make it suitable in buildings with marked roof.


This canopy is a renovation, in a modern transportation, of the canopies of early 20th century. It is suitable in classical, rustic, country or Art Nouveau style contexts.


Aluminium and polycarbonate canopy with minimal and essential lines. Thanks to its marked curved frame, it guarantees high protection against atmospheric agents and its little brackets can be installed even in contexts with limited space.


Perforated brackets, tie rods and flat surface are the main protagonists in this canopy ideal in case of modern contexts with minimal and simple design.


Thanks to its minimal frame, this model fits in several architectural contexts. With its marked curved frame it guarantees high protection against atmospheric agents.


Canopy with a particular fixing on ceiling. This canopy with marked curved frame has a simple and essential design.

Tunnel Puntone

This canopy with light frame is ideal to protect doors and windows with rounded fanlights and it fits to the architectural style of buildings.

Tunnel Tirante

Canopy with simple and light design. With its curved frame, it is suitable to protect door and windows with rounded fanlights.