Vitrum Mioni srl: 30 years of tradition, experience and innovation.

The beginning of our business dates back to 1979, when we made a name for ourselves in the market as a specialized glassware. Over time, we have increased our production and we are now able to provide our customers the most complete range of outdoor systems, canopies and pergolas for residential buildings, industrial and urban furniture.

Year after year, we have improved and optimized production processes; we have constantly invested in modern manufacturing technologies and we have enhanced the knowledge of innovative materials, such as aluminum alloys and compact polycarbonate. All these improvements have enabled us to achieve high levels of qualitative excellence in order to best satisfy the demand of our customers…always! Customer care and timely response to the requirements of the customers are absolutely our first priorities.

Thanks to the technical expertise in the company, we develop effective solutions for protection against atmospheric agents in outdoor environments, to which we combine a strong propensity to design, while maintaining the typical artisan characteristics of our products.

In the eyes of our dealers, we are a reliable partner, flexible and attentive, able to provide custom-made solutions to suit every taste. But there is more! Thanks to our technical design office and to our sales network, we can cooperate with the dealer during the preparation of commercial offers and follow every step of production, from product design through to final installation.

Vitrum Mioni: All the quality and nothing but the quality!

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