ALLUVER is a much appreciated novelty presented at Made Expo 2017. With its elegant geometry, it combines the aluminum structure to the satin, clear or reflective glass cover, offering an alternative to the aluminium and polycarbonate pergolas, already part of our product range. The idea stems from the desire of the company to best satisfy our clients requirements, offering them the broadest range of pergolas, different for type, material and performance. Moreover, the company works only on focused projects; this allows a high level of product personalization.

The design of ALLUVER is solid and essential, and the glass cover has an efficient slope at the beam level to collect rainwater inside perimeter gutters and discharge it inside the columns. The structure is available both in self-supporting and wall mounted versions.

The available accessories increase ALLUVER versatility: led lighting, sliding sunscreen, vertical awnings and glass sliding system allow you to design a multi-purpose room, completely protected against atmospheric agents and useable even after sunset.

By designing ALLUVER according to rigid parameters of standard EN 1090, Vitrum Mioni has made a clear choice: we want to offer a product with a strong personality and with the least possible effect, a product that can easily integrate into any type of setting and that improves the environment. On the other hand, it also has to meet the requirements of solidity to guarantee snow load and wind force. Quality, attention to details and high performance levels: these are essential values for our company.

All the quality and nothing but the quality!

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