We have defied the coldness in Stuttgart for a very good reason: the unmissable fair R+T Stuttgart 2018.

It was worthwhile to invest our enthusiasm in this experience because the result is satisfying and we want to thank you all for the attention you have given to our products, rewarding us with your numerous visits.

The message we wanted to convey on this occasion and to reiterate now, is our continuous attention to details in order to produce contemporary products that wink to design, while keeping up with technological innovations to improve product yield in every meteorological condition.

R + T Stuttgart 2018 was the springboard for two truly innovative and powerful outdoor systems: our smart bioclimatic pergola OpenLite, and the essence of our design, the flat structure Alluver with integrated vertical screens.

Thanks to their peculiar characteristics, these pergolas stand out from the category of gazebos, allowing you to create dehors where elegance, comfort and safety coexist in order to design unique and exclusive environments that adapt to the most various requirements.

Both models are designed to optimize performances and can be completed with a wide range of useful accessories to offer the highest levels of personalization. Anyway, these models have some individual characteristics.

Openlite stands out in the production for the use of columns of dimensions 150×150 mm and beams of section 80×200 mm. These features make this model particularly lean and slender. The slats are electrically adjustable from 0 to 135 °: this feature allows to graduate the brightness and ventilation to obtain a comfortable environment even on the hottest days. If the effect on summer days is pleasant, Openlite is also useful in case of adverse weather conditions: the watertight closure guarantees a complete protection of furniture and allows living this space even in case of sudden downpours.

Alluver is the pergola with clean and essential lines that combines glass and aluminum.

The strength of this model is concentrated in its excellent performances: glass and aluminium profiles are designed to guarantee exceptional wind resistance and snow load up to 150 daN/sqm.

The flat cover with beams of only 200 mm, is made of glass panelswhose inclination favors an optimal collection of rainwater, creating a sophisticated, modern, comfortable environment designed to be used in all weather conditions.

Both Openlite and Alluver are available in wall-mounted and freestanding versions and can be equipped with LED lighting, fixed or sliding sunscreens, vertical and horizontal awnings and glass-sliding system.

We are satisfied, but this is not enough for us… For this reason, if you didn’t challenge the cold in Stuttgart, we invite you to come and visit us in our showroom in Milan or in our company in Vicenza. We aim to meet your needs and exceed your expectations with our innovative, strictly certified and totally made in Italy products.

See you in Stuttgart in 2021!

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