Our outdoor canopy is an essential accessory, from an aesthetic and functional point of view, both for residential and industrial contexts. You can choose from 15 models of canopies and gate covers, customizable in colors and size and specifically designed to meet your need. Thanks to the use of aluminum and solid polycarbonate, the canopy is indispensable throughout the year, preserving your windows, front doors and gates, increasing the duration and reducing the need for maintenance. You will benefit from the utility of the outdoor canopy in any weather conditions: it guarantees an optimal shelter from the rain, resistance to strong winds, support for the snow load, protection from hail and shield from sun rays. The exceptional performances are guaranteed by a careful choice of materials and the consequent achievement of the exclusive TÜV SUD certification for snow loads and wind force up to 170 daN/sqm and the UNI EN 1090 mark.

Live you outdoor spaces with style, comfort and in total safety.



Modern lines, aluminium structure and solid polycarbonate cover: canopy Classica protects windows, front doors and outdoor areas.


Frame made of aluminium alloy and polycarbonate cover: canopy Tiranti can protect large outdoor areas.


Elegance and functionality: the aluminium and polycarbonate corner canopy Ricciolo, is suitable both in classic and rustic contexts.


Perforated brackets, fixing plates of only 20 cm and curved shape: canopy Forata is ideal to protect windows and doors.


Perforated brackets, modern design and fixing system of only 20 cm. Canopy model Piana adapts also in case of limited space.


Canopy Aurora is charaterised by fixing system with stainless steel tie rods encased in aluminium tubes and perforated brackets to take up a minimal amount of space.


Marked and modern lines, aluminium structure: the aluminum canopy Falda is suitable in buildings with marked roof.


Elegance and functionality: the aluminium and polycarbonate corner canopy Ricciolo, is suitable both in classic and rustic contexts.


Polycarbonate cover, available in several colours: the curved shaped canopy Scudo is the best solution for the protection against atmospheric agents.


It needs very little space for anchoring while protecting from heavy rain and wind: curved canopy Arco is made of aluminium and polycarbonate.


A marked curved frame to protect from atmospheric agents: canopy Soffitto has a particular fixing system on ceiling.

Tunnel puntone

Elegant, with curved shape and later gutters, the canopy Tunnel Puntone protects doors and windows with rounded fanlights.

Tunnel Tirante

Tunnel Tirante is the canopy with tunnel shape suitable to protect doors and windows with rounded fanlights.

Gate cover Tunnel

Gate cover Tunnel with polycarbonate cover and frame in extruded aluminium profiles. This solution improves the usability of the entrance while adorning it.

Gate cover Arco

A self-standing solution ideal to protect entrance and guests from atmospheric agents and improve usability of the area.
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